Our Friendship

Michal & Sondos

Michal & Sondos

On a dark and stormy night in November 2011 at a local mosque, a small group of Christians and Muslims were gathering for their first “Meet Your Neighbor” event. Sondos, a board member of the mosque at the time, was to co-emcee the event with Michal, a Christian representative from a nearby church. They had connected via phone earlier that week and were looking forward to meeting in person. Little did they know that the event would spark a dynamic friendship that would stand the test of controversy, loss, and heartbreak in both women’s lives.

This blog is a space where Michal and Sondos will post their reflections — independently and jointly — on what it means to be a practicing Christian and practicing Muslim while building a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

Join Sondos and Michal as they study lessons learned from side-by-side readings of the Quran and Bible, laugh and cry at life’s twists and turns, and foster a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for them. Together, they aim to challenge the misunderstandings undermining Christian-Muslim relationships with the hope that their collaboration will bring much needed peace.


The posts Michal and Sondos share on this blog represent their unique, individual views.
They are not representative of the other or of any organization.