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Muslim-Christian Friendship: Ahmed & Gregg

Muslim-Christian Friendship: Ahmed & Gregg

Ahmed and GreggHow did you become friends?

Gregg: We met at a “Meet Your Neighbor” event organized by our church and mosque in 2011.  We paired up during an exercise where Muslims and Christians were grouped on a 1:1 basis to exchange answers to non-threatening questions.

Ahmed: We continued to meet at subsequent events and then started meeting on our own for occasional dinners or to get our kids to play or go hiking. Even at the beginning, I’ve always felt I’ve known Gregg for a long time and it was easy building a true friendship.


Ahmed and GreggWhat is something you learned that you didn’t know before?

Gregg:  I’ve learned that a Muslim can have a daily walk with God in the same way that I can… The objective of the true “Muslim” and true “Christian” should be to allow God to guide us in everything we do.

Ahmed: I learned that Christians who follow the core teachings and values of Jesus are so similar to Muslims in many ways… It made me realize that learning from a Christian friend can be just as interesting and informative as learning from my Muslim friends, if not more!


What Ahmed and Greggis the one thing you appreciate about each other?

Gregg:  I appreciate our willingness to have honest conversations about differences in philosophies with respectful intent to understand where we both come from.

Ahmed: I appreciate the fact that we built a friendship based on sincerity, respect, and open mindedness with the ability to speak about God to each other without agendas or biases and without filters.

(The latter two pictures are of Ahmed and Gregg sharing their story at our 2 Faiths 1 Friendship Mixer)