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Celebrating our 6-month-aversary and looking to the Future

This past week we celebrate six months since we went ‘live’ with our 2 Faiths 1 Friendship initiative! We especially want to celebrate and thank you, our readers, for what you’ve accomplished in these past 6 months:

IMG_7595Because of you, in just 6 short months, we had:
5646 readers from 104 countries; 131 people starting to follow us on Instagram, 403 in our newsletter list, and 510 on Facebook.
* invitations to speak at schools, on the radio and to be flow out to other states to present.
* over 110 Muslims and Christians in attendance at our Friendship Mixers, and many taking our 3-hour intensive Muslim-Christian peace-building trainings.
* 12 Muslims hosting over 70 Christians for Ramadan dinners. Many Christians identified wanting to be hosts for Christmas later this year.
* receiving messages from around the world of fear having been replaced by love, and despair by hope.

So we celebrate, and we bow before God in gratefulness for guiding us and for connecting us with you to make this all possible!

We also look forward to the next six months:

What we’ve accomplished is amazing, but only a tiny drop in a huge ocean.

Muslims and Christians make up 54% of the world’s population, and in 85 years, this is going to be nearly 70%!
So if there are two groups of people that need to learn to not only get along, but also be proactive peace-builders– it’s these two. It would literally change the world!

dr-martin-luther-king-jr-injustice-anywhere-is-a-threat-to-justice-everywhere-we-are-caught-in-an-inescapable-network-of-mutuality-tied-in-a-single-garment-of-destiny-whatever-affects-onThere are still so many Muslims and Christians fearful of ‘the other,’ living in isolation and even in hate and opposition. For us, in the United States, many do not realize the need for peace-building, or they prefer to stay away from ‘the other’ and bury their negative emotions instead of addressing them. The time to act is not ‘one day’– it’s today! Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of harmony, and the presence of harmony requires continuous effort from all of us.

We are all responsible for peace and justice in this world.

Malala QuoteNo matter where you are in the world as you read this, there are challenges and relief, ups and downs. God has placed you for a purpose and a reason right where you are. We are inspired by God and His Scriptures/messengers of the ideal harmony, and it’s up to us to give hands and feet to His inspiration.

So here we are, today, celebrating 6 months of great initiatives and many people coming out of isolation and into friendships and proactive peace-building. And here we are, asking you all to keep working with us to change the tide.


Here is what you can do TODAY:

1. Send us your Muslim-Christian Friendship stories and we’ll feature you like we did Engie & Melody, Ahmed & Gregg and Jill & Rabia.

2. Let’s start a social media peace-building revolution!
Share pictures/articles/posts, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

3. Help us celebrate these past six months of work by donating to our cause.
Funds are used to upgrade our website, create documentary videos for you to spread, Friendship Mixers that bring Muslims and Christians together and training for Muslims and Christians to be peace-builders.
For more info on how to donate and get a tax-write-off, email: 2 faiths 1 friendship @ gmail . com

Muslim-Christian peace-buildingHere is how you can further this peace-building movement in the upcoming weeks:

1. Come to our third Friendship Mixer on October 11th and bring a friend.

2. Organize your own Friendship Mixers if you live elsewhere
(Contact us at the bottom of the page if you’d like our help to organize it).

3. Invite a Muslim/Christian friend out for a meal or coffee and deepen the friendship you started or already have!

4. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on future initiatives, mixers, trainings, etc.

Thank you for the love you’ve shown us these past six months– and thank you for journeying with us into the future.

We love you all!

– 2F1F Team