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Inspiring act of friendship by one of our Readers

Last night, a mutual friend texted us the following:

“I tried to act by your blog motto today by writing this card for my neighbor and taking her some flowers and home grown goodies. In addition to feeling heavy hearted all day I also felt so blessed for having a friendly neighbor. Shortly afterward she and her cousin stopped by with cupcakes and said they stand with my community and are sorry for what happened and to let them know if I ever need anything. It was so sweet. I don’t usually get so emotional over the news but for some reason this time it was different.”


*Names and places redacted

This young lady channeled her sorrow into an act of friendship, thereby pushing away the darkness in the world by lighting a candle.
Readers, imagine if every one of us touched by the Chapel Hill tragedy followed this young lady’s inspiring example. The impact would be undeniable.
It’s not too late! Start today. Email, tweet (#actoffriendship), or text us your act of kindness/friendship so that we can inspire and motivate one another to light another candle, and another, and another, until the darkness is replaced with our collective, brilliant light.

For every act of violence, we will react with another act of friendship!

Full text of the note:

“You may have heard about the recent murder of 3 young Muslim students in NC, Deah, Yusor & Razan. They were 19, 21, and 23. Though the motive isn’t yet clear, the fact that they were Muslim is likely a major factor. The suspect was their neighbor and had previously taunted them for their faith.

I spent most of today heavy-hearted, mourning the loss of 3 young individuals who reminded me so much of myself, my family, my friends. I know Deah’s sister and her in-laws from ***. This could have been me or one of my loved ones.

It got me thinking about how grateful I am for having such friendly & hospitable neighbors like you. Deah, Razan & Yusor were killed by their neighbor. My neighbor cookies for me and leaves out the ingredients I don’t eat because of my faith. My neighbor leaves cookies at my door when I’m not home and texts me to make sure I’m ok when I leave the light on overnight. I am so grateful for neighbors I feel safe & comfortable around. Thank you!


***P.S. the mint & kum kwats are from my back yard!”